Aloe Hip Chair

Item Number: Hip Chair

healtHcentric Aloe Hip Chairs are designed to meet the needs of orthopedic patients.

With a seat height of 24.5″, the design allows a hip flexion of less than 90° while assisting the patient to sit and stand with minimal stress on the hip joints. The built in foot bar supports the patient getting in and out of the chair, and provides a place to rest their feet. The foot bar has a durable non-slip IC+ coating.

healtHcentric Aloe Hip Chairs are made with high resilient foam offering exceptional comfort and firm support, meeting the ergonomic requirements.

Aloe is specifically designed to ensure ease of cleaning, offering an impressive array of infection control features. The standard clean out feature between the seat and back allows garbage and debris to fall to the floor for easy clean up.  These Aloe features improve the cleanability and help maintain a healing environment.